Hard Floor Care

Commercial Contract Services believes that nothing impresses customers or clients more than the site of sparkling shiny floors in our clients' offices. First Impressions are everything. Taking care of your floors is an integral part of the over maintenance of your building. We want to be put in charge of cleaning all dirt, grime, and scuffs from your floor. With these combinations, plus foot traffic, your floor will look used and abused. We use a high- quality wax to seal and protect your floors and a high speed buffer to polish your floors leaving an excellent finish every time. Commercial Contract Services can also save you a lot of money by refinishing your floors to bring back its like new finish. We set up a customized schedule that fits your budget and complements your standing janitorial maintenance.


We offer a wide range of services for maintaining your hard surface floors and Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT). Not every environment calls for the same level of maintenance so we are always happy to give you a free assessment of your needs and recommend the appropriate maintenance schedule. Our services can be setup on a regular schedule or on an as-needed basis.


Our Current Services Include:

  • Sealing of newly installed VCT

  • Strip and Wax existing worn VCT (typically 3-5 coats of high solids wax)

  • Top Scrub and Re-Coat for regular maintenance of high traffic areas in between full stripping services.

  • Spray Buff and High-Speed buffing to maintain shiny appearance of VCT.


Benefits of Regular Floor Maintenance:

  • Consistent Appearance: Floors always look clean and new with a nice shine.

  • Reduced Wear: Wax serves an important role in the life of your floors. It protects the Vinyl Tile from scratching and damaged caused by sliding heavy objects and rolling items such as carts and office chairs.

  • Health Benefits: Vinyl Tile is porous and will collect germs and dirt. Sealant wax creates a solid-surface covering over tile preventing spills and dirt from collecting between and under tiles, which is a cause of mold and mildew.


Recommended Maintenance Schedule:

It is recommended that, with proper care, floors should be stripped and waxed every 12 months. Floors should be spray buffed at 3-month intervals and scrubbed and waxed every 6 months. Example maintenance Schedule:







Strip / Wax

Spray Buff

Scrub / Wax

Spray Buff

Strip / Wax

Focus on Maintenance and Safety PDF Print E-mail

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, slip and falls on a level surface occur approximately 16,500 times per year. Add these numbers to the thousands of injuries that occur annually in the public sector and the magnitude of the problem becomes very real. To prevent litigation there are several things that can be done.

  1. Be certain that the floors are being properly cared for. Keeping the floor dry and clean should be your #1 concern for safety.
  2. Proper floor mats at entry ways will not only remove dirt from shoes, but also remove water. The mats must be long enough to allow several footsteps per foot to properly remove dirt and water.
  3. Use floor products that are highly slip resistant.
  4. Have appropriate wet floor signs on hand throughout your facility so that employees do not have to search for them thereby allowing more time for an accident to occur.

Establishing the above safety precautions can reduce liability and even allow for gaining a discount on workers comp. and insurance premiums. We use a high gloss, high solids metal interlocking wax, which produces a magnificent gloss. It is a very tough and durable product designed for minimum maintenance. Excellent scuff/heel mark resistance. It has an impressive lay down gloss and can be high speed buffed to maintain the luster. Dependent upon the traffic flow in your facility and, if floors are cared for daily as described above, you can maintain your floor gloss with regular scrubbing and buffing on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly floor care program.