Cost Cutting Techniques
In today's challenging business environment, businesses should seek ways to cut their fixed expenses. Over the years we have helped our clients cut their overhead by implementing many of these cost cutting measures. Not all of these may work for your organization, but we would be happy to evaluate your current cleaning schedule and supply usage to see where you may be able to cut costs.

Switching to Day Cleaning PDF Print E-mail

Day cleaning proponents call it a means to reduce energy costs by more than 30 percent. They say it also lessens turnover as custodians are recognized and appreciated for the job they do. Likewise, they maintain it beefs up security in the facility for custodians, who no longer have to work in an empty building after hours then leave for home after dark.

Today’s troubled economy has more BSCs and facility managers looking at day cleaning as a means for companies to save money as well as be more environmentally friendly.

Reducing Paper Towel Usage PDF Print E-mail

When it comes to paper towels, the roll towel is generally preferred over multifold towels. Even though rolls may cost more, there’s usually less waste associated with their use. As multifold towels have a tendency to fall out of dispensers, or users pull more out than they need, creating waste. On average, two multi-fold towels or 1.5 feet of roll toweling is sufficient to dry hands. However, most patrons use roughly twice that amount out of habit.

To reduce paper waste and control usage, you can regulate the amount of product available to building occupants through proper dispensing methods. For roll towels, touchless dispensers with electronic sensors force a delay between each towel. People often aren’t patient enough to wait for extra towels, so they only use what is absolutely necessary to dry their hands.

It is more difficcult to control multifold towel usage, but waste can be discouraged by simply posting signage asking patrons to minimize use in an effort to save the environment. A simple statement such as “reduce your use, save a tree” posted on the dispenser can reduce usage considerably.